RBLXGrassModule - [Open Source Module] [Discontinued]

What is RBLXGrassModule?

It is a module that generates grass around the player that get’s recycled making it slightly better for performance [Keep in mind that it is device dependant so devices that can barely run roblox will suffer heavily] compared to having alot of instances around the workspace. Also the module heavily customizable and open sourced.

For more information/Documentation look at the GitHub, Also Feel free to test out the module in the Showcase Place

GitHub: GitHub - Loomiquu/RBLXGrassModule-Deprecated: A simple Grass Module that is customizable & more optimization friendly by having a set amount and generating grass wherever the player is going
Documentation: Home · Loomiquu/RBLXGrassModule-Deprecated Wiki · GitHub
Roblox Link: GrassModuleV1.01 - Roblox
Showcase Place: GrassModule Example.rbxl (45.6 KB)

Feedback/Bug reports is appreciated! Feel free to modify the source code of the module to your liking


Streaming also does this, and Terrain.Decoration has its own version of this.

However, I like the fact that it’s customizable to the user’s liking.

This is really cool. This is a really cool resource for anyone looking to under stand client-sided ground decorations + interactions (ex: snow, mud, etc.)

Is there any way to whitelist certain parts/instances/terrain types from generating grass? I could see someone not wanting grass to appear through parts or on certain terrain types (like sand)?

Overall, really nice though. I love this and I’m excited to see any future updates to it!

(For anyone curious about what this looks like, here you go)

EDIT: Didn’t mean to reply to #2, my bad haha

The video does not load. I think you should fix that.

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Currently there isnt a whitelist to the instances it can be placed on, that’ll mostlikely be a future feature I’ll consider

or what is it used a zoneplus / regions, so you could define if you want, where it will appear?

Can you show a couple of demonstration videos?

that doesnt seem like a bad idea, I’ll consider adding that as a feature so you can specify what zone you could place it.