RBLXWare - Version 1.3.4


Version 1.3.4
This month’s update adds a new minigame & new items alongside some bug fixes.


  • Added new minigame (Volcano)
  • Added 2 new taunts (Specialist, Gelatin Juggle)
  • Added 2 new victory themes (Breakout, Personified)


  • Fixed Wanted rarely teleporting players into the box
  • Fixed round rarely continuing when no king is left
  • Fixed Lifesaver softlock(?)
  • Fixed double shooters appearing in Avoid the Shooter
  • Fixed Boulders boss using incorrect map
  • Fixed Orange Justice not looping in shop
  • Fixed Club Penguin not looping in shop
  • Fixed Duck Hunt not properly cleaning up
  • Fixed Duck Hunt jingle not playing
  • Fixed Ducks in Duck Hunt occasionally not being able to jump(?)
  • Fixed Bombs in Sandtrap colliding with players

General Changes

  • Restricted Robusters in Explosions
  • Restricted Green Balloon Pop in Vintage
  • Restricted Duck Hunt in Invisible
  • Restricted Platform Pattern in Invisible
  • Reduced base score requirement in Postal Service from 30 > 25
  • Increased spawn rate of letters in Postal Service
  • Winning players in Postal Service will now be teleported out of the map
  • Updated alternate pyramid map



The Specialist taunt added will likely have music added in a future update. We were hoping to have it ready and implemented this update though we were unable to figure out how we were going to tackle remixing the song for the taunt.

This update wraps up this month’s RBLXWare week! The next update for the game will be on March 12th which is solely to readd previous Easter content.