RBLXWare - Version 1.3.6


Version 1.3.6a
This update removes the April Fools content seen yesterday.


  • Removed Battle Royale
  • Removed Moon Animator Fight Scene
  • Removed Desert Car

General Changes

  • Returned menu to normal
  • Set April Fools items offsale


The April Fools event is now over! Thank you to those who played this year we had a LOT of fun making it this year and hope you all enjoyed what we had to offer. Those who bought any of the limited items will still have them in their inventory.

Those who participated in the 50 player Battle Royale gamenight and won will receive the Imposter taunt in their inventory.


Version 1.3.6 (April Fools Update)
This includes yesterday’s official update notes as we do not publish a proper changelog on the April Fools updates day of release.


  • Added 3 new minigames (Battle Royale [Boss], Desert Car [Boss], Moon Animator Fight Scene [Normal])
  • Added 4 new taunts (Agony Tango, Paranormal Swagtivity, Power, You Guys)
  • Added 4 new weapons (Blazing Doritos, crazy cat lady super weapon, my gun, PUNCH)


Version 1.3.6b
This patch fixes a bug alongside returning the game to normal.


  • Fixed fog not appearing correctly


  • Removed Yhan & Overk
  • Removed Lefty
  • Removed Crack an Egg
  • Removed Egg Delivery
  • Removed Egg Paint

General Changes

  • Returned lobby to normal
  • Returned UI to normal colour scheme