RBLXWare - Version 1.3.7


Version 1.3.7
This update adds a few new taunts alongside including a handful of fixes and changes.


  • Added 3 new taunts (eShop Shuffle, Swingin, Darwin)


  • Fixed not being able to jump in Duck Hunt(?)
  • Fixed serious pistol sounds
  • Fixed boss round not appearing in Reversed when forced
  • Fixed zombies being unable to win certain minigames
  • Fixed certain taunt sounds not being picked up in Be Quiet
  • Fixed some taunt music being ignored by Taunt Music setting
  • Fixed my gun on mobile
  • Fixed Odyssey not being counted towards Unshakable Moves
  • Fixed being able to incorrectly win Boogie Beam
  • Fixed results screen music playing with music disabled
  • Fixed victory themes playing with music disabled
  • Fixed shop curtains


  • Removed Impossible Mode

General Changes

  • Victory themes will now preview when opened
  • Restricted Wanted in Banana
  • Restricted Crazy Robloxian in Flooded
  • Frogger tiebreaker will now end when a player reaches the end
  • Mini-Mod Hammer can no longer be used during the Arena deathmatch
  • Be Quiet will now account for players already taunting
  • Spire will now have the acid speed increase based on game speed


  • @Epa5kk, woopercooper, Newerdino - New Taunts
  • @Heathsroms2 - Taunt Music


Unfortunately this update we were not able to include the new minigames we were planning on including because we were not able to get all the required assets in-time. The 2 new minigames intended for this update will be salvaged for the Summer update.