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Japanese Downtown -{Showcase}- (WIP)

We are taking developer that are realistic builders, or environment designing. The project will be a non-profit showcase. You can not add friends or family to the build without asking @Z0G0N or @iiYuujiKazami

About Us

Hi there! We are RBXDeveloper, We’re looking for builders who are willing to join our team and work with us on our new Showcase.

The Team
@iiYuujiKazami -Lead Developer/Owner
@Z0G0N - Manager/Builder
@no body - Builder
@no body - Builder
@no body - Builder
@no body - Environment Designing
@no body - Environment Designing
@no body - Scripting
@no body - UI designing (Surface UI only)

Each person will be paid 100 a month (Not much but the Robux is coming from @iiYuujiKazami Pocket so big thanks to him.)

If you do not do anything and our staff sees that then you will be kicked from the team.
Show proof on what you have created any tempering with the scripts form the scripter will result in a kick from the team. If you show your work and any free models seen will be a kick.

About The Job

We are looking for a professional builder to join our team. We expect high quality builds that adhere to our game’s style. Good communication skills are appreciated; we check team progress daily and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another.

Example of our game's build style

Our game needs at least 15 new assets completed by the end of this month. We expect each asset will take between 1-2 hours can take around 15 minutes also.


We are paying [100] R$ per month.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord Z0G0N#6646
You must be 13 years or older to apply.
Must be in the Group and Discord (Discord is linked to the group)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Sorry guys. payment is 0 Robux now because everyone want’s to complain about the payment Non-Profit means non-profit. We strongly do not care if you join or not. It was for fun, but now one will be hired for anything thanks for reading and have a great day.

Could I apply? Tbh Idc for payments. I just want experience

This is a professional community. Please do not expect to hire anyone here ‘for free’, especially anyone beyond beginner levels.

I suggest raising capital, learning the skills yourself, or going to a community with no standards like Hidden Developers or DevArchives.

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“This is a professional community” Professionals work together not everything is paid for somethings are built together by the community to be proud of and achieving not payments just because they want money real professionals will work together not only for achieving something cool but also making new developing friends.

I can build the whole project myself self but I would rather make new friends doing it. So please have an open mind on this “Professional community”.

Yes you can join the group and join the disc threw the group