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About: We are a community hub for content creators and developers of the ROBLOX community. This community provides a safe environment for transactions between our group members while a place for people to hang out. Before proceeding with any actions in the community, please read this whole article.

Behaviour: A member of ROBLOX Community Developers is expected to conduct in a way that respects him/herself and others. Acknowledge that other members are often in contact with the same developers and bad reputation spreads quickly. If a staff member judges any of your actions as unacceptable, they can freely remove you from the group. In case certain occasions happen, we hold evidence to back us up before removing a member. Your every action represents the group’s identity.

Ranking: All community members are categorised accordingly by their trust levels, contributions and professions. Members may not request for ranks that they do not fit into at all, by doing so, the staff are permitted to move you to pending rank where you will be muted for a certain duration. These ranks are not for braggarts desiring praise or to be used to abuse power.

Staff members of this community may or may not be official ROBLOX staff. You may be able to identify an official ROBLOX staff member by assets they own such as:

If you are wondering how the moderations team moderates content on ROBLOX, you can read the Moderation on ROBLOX: How it Works article.

Funding: Group fundings are transferred to community staff as credit for their work. Members may not beg for money as they will be muted by the staff without warning. We do not donate or part in giveaways as it is against ROBLOX’s Terms of Use and can result in account termination.

Partnership: The group offers an opportunity where community members can sign up to partner with the community. A successful applicant will be provided with resources they need to representing our community while we promote their content and products. Keep in mind that only skilful community members may apply. To apply, message a group staff member and state that you are applying for the program. Always make sure to give examples of your professions. However, you must have one or more of the following professions to be permitted one of these roles:

  • Tester: Must be able to provide QA testing services to any developer of the community.
  • Influencer: Must be able to represent our community without damaging our reputation.
  • Developer: Must be able to build or script to a certain standard and contain safe content.
  • Intern: Must be able to do voluntary work and various tasks given by a community manager.

People with one of those professions may be granted access to participate in our community partnership opportunity and will be granted one of the listed roles as well as possible additional perks.

Services: This community is for people to help each other out. This includes offering services that can accommodate to everyone’s needs. People can offer development or testing services under contracted work. These people providing services must be approved by our staff to confirm they are at a certain standard to be sent to do contracted work. Contracts are used to protect both sides of dealership and ownership over property. We recommend that a contract is written and signed before any services are acquired to prevent confusion and/or scams. If looking for tips for collaboration, feel free to check out the Best Practices for Collaboration thread.

Copyright: ROBLOX’s Terms of Use requires that you respect Intellectual Property (IP) owned by other individuals and/or companies. It is against the terms for you to use IP from another game, book, film, video, music, artwork or any other creation without explicit permission from the person and/or company who originally created it.

A common form of IP protection is copyright but IP also includes trademarks, publicity rights and other forms. Copyright is a legal right which gives authors of fixed original works the exclusive right to copy and show their works.

If looking to know more about IP, read the Reminder about IP thread.

Safety: Safety first. As not all content is properly moderated on social media, people may promote dangerous and malicious sites/channels and other forms of content. We suggest only downloading and/or purchasing from original and official sites as to protect your device and accounts. Installation of a malicious software could result in severe damage to your device as well as account theft. Common forms of content which have been very harmful to the ROBLOX community are exploits and websites/software which claim to give you free Robux. As suggested, do not install any malicious content as such things could happen.

Incase you feel your game has been infected with viruses (a script that maliciously causes lag, spreads or induces a similar, unwanted effect), we have a plugin to fix that! Install the Studio Antiviral Ware plugin which clears up viruses detected within your game. If your current version of this plugin is outdated, we suggest you update it for the best performance! Need to report a problem with this plugin? Feel free to contact us.

Support: All members are encouraged to send us reports to make the community safer. Members may send staff members their reports whether it is about another members behaviour but this excludes scams. If you were scammed by a member of our community, report it to us and we will remove the member immediately. All members who were scammed are encouraged to fill in a support ticket found on the ROBLOX Support page before 14 days after an account has been scammed or compromised. If it has been passed the deadline, the restorations team will not be able to restore anything. If your account has been falsely moderated, please send an appeal to ROBLOX Appeals. Please fill in these tickets carefully with correct information.

Dangerous, unethical and illegal activities are strictly dealt with within this community. Not only do we not allow people to part in these kinds of activities, we do not allow people to discuss and/or encourage other users to do such actions. Doing so will result in immediate removal from this group, your account being terminated and possibly facing legal action.

If you have a fair amount of experience with the community, rate it with our poll. Please give honest answers and feel free to message the group staff on how we can improve our services and the community. We will take note of all responses.

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  • Decent
  • Bad

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Proceedures: We have a strict policy with proceedures on how our staff approach things in the community. Our responsibility is to make sure the community is safe as well as keeping things organised. The proceedures are listed as follows:

  • When a community members sends us a report, we investigate through it thoroughly. We also keep track of activity our group members do within the group. All forms of content posted by a community member is saved even if they delete it. Remember, we see everything you do.

  • If a community member disrespects another, we will give a warning before a permanent removal. However, if the user violates ROBLOX’s Terms of Use, we will need to remove the user permanently without exception. If the violation is severe, however, certain actions could be taken against their account.

  • When we are contacted by a group member in regards to our group, we are expected to reply with a message format as:

Hello, [Member Name]

Thank you for contacting us! In regards to your questions regarding the community, you can follow up here: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/rcd-roblox-community-developers/142549.

[Main Message]

[Staff Name]
[Staff Position]

  • Community staff are to rank people in the group with appropriate ranks in which they are categorised by. Our staff must review someone’s content and make sure their shown work is fixed original work. If the ranking proceedure passes, the user gets ranked.

If a staff member doesn’t follow these listed proceedures, please report them to us and we will evaluate a few things to make it suit everyone!

Trademarks: ROBLOX, along with its images, logos, and other assets are all trademarks of ROBLOX Corporation. ROBLOX Community Developers is neither sponsored, endorsed, and/or affiliated with Roblox Corporation. If you are looking for more information regarding usage of trademarks, please read the Roblox Name and Logo Community Usage Guidelines thread.

Note: If there is anything you need to know about that hasn’t been stated in this thread, feel free to message us and we will reply to you as soon as we can! Keep in mind that we are not official ROBLOX staff, if looking to contact them, here is their email: info@roblox.com.


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