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Promotion Guide

Point System
We have a point system based on your activity to automatically promote you. Every 1 hour, you will receive 1 point and you can use points for promotions. This guide will inform you how to use the point system.

Reporting Bugs
Since the point system is IN BETA, bugs may occur. If you find any bugs, please report them immediately to DHoS+. If you are caught abusing bugs, you will be fired and blacklisted.

Promotion to Officer
As a Cadet, there’s only one way to be promoted to Officer. It is to go through the training and pass it. You cannot use the point system until you become an Officer.

Promotion to Corporal
As an Officer, you will now receive the point every 1 hour and you can now use your points for promotions. To be promoted to Corporal, you will need 5 points (5 hours of playtime).

Promotion to Sergeant
Since we expect more things for Sergeant, you will need more points than Corporal. To be promoted to Sergeant, you will need 8 points (8 hours of playtime).

Promotion to Sergeant Major
If you become a Sergeant Major, you are only one step left until becoming a Lieutenant, which can co-host a training. This means you will need to take more responsibilities. To be promoted to Sergeant Major, you will need 10 points (10 hours of playtime).

Promotion to Higher Ranks
After Sergeant Major, you cannot use the point system to be promoted. You will be handpicked by our High Command.


Last update: 08/15/21

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