RDC 2019 Hypetrain


RDC 2019 is already only a few months away! It seems like yesterday that RDC 2018 occured live (I was not invited, unfortunately). Do you plan on going (if invited)? Personally I really want to go this year, considering I was unable to go past years.

  • I am going/I want to go
  • I cannot go
  • Considering/Unsure

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Disclaimer: This post is not official. The only official RDC posts are in #roblox-developer-conference:rdc-staff-updates.

RDC 2019: Are you attending?

Patiently waiting (and hoping) for the invites! Will be booking my flights/accommodations ASAP when invites arrive.


I would go if I could. I currently have no way of getting to RDC, as well as I lack the funds to do so.


More like hype plane?



Same thing here, even though I plan to go next year.

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I will be going to RDC, and I expect @mircostaff to be attending as well so we can have a civilized discussion about the placement of pineapple on pizza.


Hm. Seems legit. Pinaple on pizza is a very serious discussion.

In response to the OP post, I’m unsure. I’m busy during the time because I’m moving. But if I have time, I’ll try and squeeze it in. Which I don’t think will happen unfournatley.


Feel free to include me on this discussion. I have a very strong opinion on the subject and would be glad to help convert others.


I’d go if I got invited. :woman_shrugging:

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Private plane for all the RDC vips. Now we are like the cool kids. :sunglasses:


I was really hoping there would be an actual RDC in Europe this year since I can finally go…

Well I’m still hyped to see whats announced in the US RDC!

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This plane will land at the closest airport to you and pick you up privately. It will do this for RDC members only. Certainly the VIP ride


I’m dreaming of this, if it’s a real thing I’ll be at the back of the plane yelling “WE’RE GOING ON A TRIP IN MY FAVOURITE ROCKET TRIP…”


Can’t wait to go this year, '17 and '18 were fantastic times. Already got my groups stickers for this year ready and waiting.


I’m going to see my friends at RDC 2019 :­-)


I don’t fly no low budget graphics planes.
I only fly mid-level budget graphic planes. :slight_smile:


I fly long haul planes across vast oceans.

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I’m so jealous, I’m terrible at photoshop. I mean I’m decent… Not the best compared to this. Just wow… Look at the detail and the extra stuff you added to it. Like the back wing thingy, the engines… Wow…


I try, lol. It’s just paint.net, and using the paint tool with a multiplied layer to transfer the color to the objects while keeping the shading of the items.

If you want to learn more about using PDN, go here.

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i only fly on high quality RDC planes