RDC 2019 Invites

Looks like there are still a lot of invites that have yet to go out to members. I have no problem waiting because it seems as if others still have not gotten their invites either so I’m assuming there are more to come, is this correct?


There are 4 waves in total and the 4th wave has yet to go out. This was already solved in another topic.


This might have been the fourth wave: PSA V4: Wave 3.5 invites are here (?)

No, wave 4 has been confirmed as the application wave. This wave “3.5” has been sent out to lots of different people, but isn’t an application.


I was invited last year, but not this year, not entirely sure that is accurate.

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I wasn’t invited last year nor attended, yet I got an invite within the “3.5 wave”.

I hope you get an invite!

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Hmmmm… Still no comment from DevRel. Strange how only certain people were invited. Maybe waves 1-3 didn’t get as many sign ups as normal?