RDC 2019 is selling out fast!

Hey developers,

The 2019 Roblox Developer Conference is right around the corner! We’re posting to let you know that tickets and hotel rooms are selling out fast. If you haven’t purchased your ticket yet, check your email for your invitation! If you didn’t receive one, submit an application here: Apply to RDC 2019!

Additionally, the official RDC website is now live. RDCglobal.com has all of the information you’ll need for the event: agendas, session information, keynotes, livestreams, behind-the-scenes footage, and more. Check out the website and be sure to keep an eye on it as we get closer and closer to the event!

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The URL seems like an odd choice considering rdc.roblox.com would have been an option. The URL on its own doesn’t really show it is for Roblox when presented to someone, and may not happen if the filter isn’t set up to ignore the URL.


I’m sorry but how is RDC this year going ‘global’. You’ve removed RDC EU and replaced it with a one day viewing party? Having a live stream doesn’t make the event global.

I’d see going global as making multiple RDCs around the world such as having RDC North America / RDC Europe and RDC Asia.


I wish I could come this year. Instead I will be watching from my home.

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I don’t know if it’s just me or it’s supposed to look like this but looks like this div is overriding the image. Please check the image.

I’m actually in that image but I’m covered by the black portion I got mike wazowski’d

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There is a global viewing party where you watch from your own home. There are also many unofficial small viewing parties down here in sydney.

Viewing Parties and watching a stream isn’t going global. Watching something isn’t the same as participating in the actual event itself.


I know, I just thought I could help…

Genuinely I never even understood what the point of going out and spend money to watch a live stream. Yeah, it’s better than nothing but… what did EU devs deserve to not have an event? :thinking:

I think it’s quite telling that the website doesn’t even mention the viewing party.


I personally saw the URL and hesitated to click on it due to it not being apart of the roblox domain. Also no mention of it in the public category or on the main website as an event. I’d assume they’d like to hype the event up for people to watch the live stream and for the future events, but keep the application to the forums… due to spam from people.

I don’t agree with the sell out fast part, since based on people being invited twice, people get extra reminders to buy tickets, then it seems like dropping RDC EU wasn’t the success they hoped for. Of course wording like that is marketing itself, but from my perspective this RDC isn’t the success they wanted at all.

Just a little heads up:
I don’t hate their decision to cancel RDC EU, although I’m disappointed since RDC EU was last year’s highlight. This comment only represents my opinion.

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I wish I could attend RDC this year, but, for certain reasons, I can’t. I will, however, watch the livestream. It’s going to be a fun event!

Yeah, I wouldn’t consider this year as going global, it’s a shame that RDC EU has been cancelled despite the international push Roblox is doing this year with localisation etc. Hope it returns for 2020!


eh I don’t think it’s selling out fast. i was still able to buy a US ticket a few weeks (if not a month) after my phase, (although I reserved a EU one). What I am assuming is Roblox are likely using psychological marketing and are saying it’s sold out so more people will buy it, even when the event is just a few months away.

As for RDC going global, I’m pretty sure that statement is false in its full entirety. The livestream is still only going to reach people in the US and neighbouring countries at the time of the event due to time zone differences, and I doubt anyone around the age range of developers are going to stay up till 1am just to watch a presentation they can see online.

I’m hopeful that RDC EU will make a return next year, as I don’t think this current path will last.


Now I would have gone now that I have devex money but what a coincidence it’s now the first year I don’t get an invite …

It’s also probably not selling out, every year they say this is been “selling out” for weeks.

Yeah, I could still buy tickets right now if I wanted to. The only thing you’re really giving up by waiting is room availability. :man_shrugging:

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I just got the email after applying fashionably late (around last week of june) and bought the tickets in a heartbeat. It seems the hotel rooms for RDC are sold out however.

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Wow the rooms sold out fast. Please let us know whats a good neighboring hotel if that’s what you decide to do?