RDC 2019 - When Roblox on Nintendo Switch and PS4 will come?

Hello Robloxians! :wink:

Okay, so I saw that Roblox will come on others platforms like Nintendo Switch and PS4 and that’s great!
Its going to bring us a brand new community to ROBLOX! :yum:
But I have a question…
When will it come? 2019? 2020? In the next winter? :thinking:

Thank you for your answers. :innocent:


Ehh, I’m hoping it comes to the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully by the end of 2020. I mean playing it on the phone is nice. But I’m looking to switch. :wink:


Wait, have they said anything offical about coming to switch?

I was concerned about how well Roblox could run on the Switch, but then I remembered that Roblox can run on phones, and the switch can be bent pretty hard.


This is something interesting that I have come across before. Now currently Roblox I think is working on improving its game engine and it’s overall gameplay. I feel that if Roblox were to move also to Nintendo there would be a lot of logistics needed to cover.

That being said in my opinion I feel like that’s a cool idea. Though there needs to be some things taken into account. Such as if this is a big enough market to go into. And is there really a need for Roblox to be on ANOTHER platform as it’s already on so many.

Again this is just my personal opinion and I really don’t have any facts on this. Though it is a interesting proposal.


I believe it will come in 2020, because I think Roblox would need the time to discuss it with Nintendo and Sony. I’ll be excited to play Roblox on a Nintendo console either way!


I notice that Sony is super against cross-platform and Nintendo is super against violence, blood, ect.

So there are definently going to be problems with porting Roblox to Switch and Ps4/Ps5.


I mean besides those points which are small, we are talking about a completely different play style in my opinion. As well as understanding that if people want to play Roblox now its on so many different platforms that nothings really stopping you.


Oh yeah it could definently happen, and has happened in the past (an exsample is Rec Room which is basicly VR roblox)


VR though on the other hand is a up and coming platform that Roblox wanted to get ahead on. In my personal opinion, Nintendo is currently not a platform that has potential as of right now to exponentially grow. And because of this there is no reason for Roblox to target it.


Sorry I did portray what I meant well, I mean cross-platfourm is possible with Sony as they sometimes bend on it.


Not sure if Switch allows cross play but if it does, fingers crossed that Roblox will make its way onto it eventually. Sadly that’s not the case with Playstation iirc


Playstation does allow crossplay. Just look at Dauntless. On Dauntless you can play with both Xbox, Playstation and PC users.


Oh, it does! Sorry in that case, I must be living under a rock. :smile: Roblox could possibly arrive on Playstation in the future then, not sure why they still haven’t done that


I’m pretty sure this’ll be hard to pull off, as I’m not completely sure if Roblox is bound to a contract by Microsoft? – don’t quote me on that.

A lot of extra hassle and all will come from negotiating with Microsoft, or even the sort of Apple Tax – that Apple has in their App Stores, will the same apply in the eShop? If so, there isn’t enough sustainability for Roblox to run on the Switch, although the amount of possible purchases of Robux.

Even if Roblox does end up on the Switch or the PS4, Studio will have massive overhauls because of it, and we will have new API addons, and a ton of new settings and updates to become familiar with. In which all in all it will take a while to figure all of these things out,


Thank you all for this replys! Anyway that’s cool if it’s come soon because a lot of peoples are waiting for it on Switch but for PS4 there is not a lot of fans of Roblox, they prefer to play GTA 5 or Fortnite all day :sweat_smile: PS4 has more a ‘‘adult’’ customers base but Nintendo has a ‘‘young’’ customers base so Roblox must have to target the Switch first then go for PS4. :upside_down_face:

It’s awesome to hear a prediction.

It does make sence to have ROBLOX on PS4 because it has the same amount of buttons compared to Xbox One. However, I am a bit concerned about ROBLOX being on a Nintendo Device.

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That’s true, Roblox on PS4 has a perfect compatibilty because it’s almost the same as Xbox One. But for Nintendo Switch it needs some optimizations… :grimacing:


Microsoft and Nintendo have been pretty pro-crossplatform and have been giving Sony flakk for not allowing it which has only recently made them budge. I think Microsoft will probably allow it given they have focused less on trying to pull users by exclusives but by offering superior services.


I hope! I love the Switch myself and I’m a big user. They should bring Roblox to it and have functions to be able to turn down graphic settings because the Switch is not that powerful I actually think Roblox will bring it because they would like loads more players. Plus adding it to the Switch will get thousands of more players in the community so that is why I think it is a great idea!

Honestly, I think Roblox can be ran on the switch at the same settings as Breath of the Wild. I do believe if Roblox is brought to the Nintendo Switch that it should be the same sort of process as Console games are now. Though I feel like each game being requested to be released on it should have to go through a manual review with a layered automated process to speed up the process for those who past the soft check.

This would be the best way IMO to release games to Nintendo Switch. Though you have to take into account that Nintendo would probably expect Roblox to crack down on any infringements of their IP.