RDC 2020 Expectation?

Expectation about RDC next year?


More people and possibly a longer event in both the EU and SF.


I really hope for next year we are able to view more projects made by the developers, I also feel it should be longer like @xuefei123 just mentioned. Additionally I hope that people not attending RDC can be included in something that’s going on in RDC.

Also I really hope next year we can see developers being interviewed and more questions for developers.


Longer events, yo. This time was too short(only a few hours, aww…).

There were too few people at the RDC in EU compared to previous RDC. Let’s make a proper event happen again in RDC EU, unlike this year’s viewing party.


My expectation is that next year will feature no EU event at all and the US event will be exactly the same format, considering that’s what it’s been two years running now. As far as the people asking it be longer, stay longer.

I’m staying extra days with people in an AirBNB. Next year I’m hoping to stay a week prior and a week post RDC. See more of the city, hangout with more friends, make more connections, and get closer to Roblox in general.

It would be cool if they did a full RDC in the US one year, Europe the next year, and then repeat. This way everyone can have a quality experience.

Isn’t this basically post about RDC 2020 suggestions?

Not exactly, suggestions are ideas, expectations are strong beliefs about something.

In terms they’re similar, but not the same.

I would guess longer events, more things being announced, more people…

and I predict that I will not go there.

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Well we got Bloxy Cola this time. Maybe Witch’s Brew next time? All kidding aside, probably more attendees, a longer conference, and increased production values.

Definitely an earlier announcement date for the event and hotel bookings.

I hope they bring out some new stuff on Roblox next year not going to lie. I hope next year they bring some new updates to Roblox Studio.

Maybe give us info about RDC Europe? I don’t know (and still don’t) if there was RDC in Europe.

There was, technically, an RDC in Europe. It’s called a “Viewing Party” more so than an RDC due to them mainly just streaming the US RDC, though they did do some events rather than just sit there watching a massive video all day.