RDC 2020 In Asia?

So I was hoping that there will be an RDC in the Philippines (Where I live) Because there’s a lot of roblox players are there in the Philippines, So yeah. I hope so.


Although I’m sure it’d be nice for the community there, there aren’t nearly as many players in the Philippines as in North America or Europe, so it’s not economically feasible for Roblox to host an RDC there.


Perhaps a viewing party would be more feasible, if that’s the case


Yeah. I was hoping too that there will be a viewing party.


As another dude who lives in the Philippines, there is a LOT of people that play roblox here, no doubt. There’s so much that even Koala cafe (a famous cafe group) made a shirt for the amount of people playing their game that are Filipinos. https://www.roblox.com/catalog/1709106334/Anak-Merch
However, the number isn’t as great as other countries, so maybe hosting RDC in the Philippines isn’t a really good idea.


Not exactly as the actual RDC, It’s just like watch party?

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That could be possible, but the reason why roblox doesn’t usually host RDC/Watch parties here is because of how expensive transferring resources would be, like food, staff members, etc.


Agreeing with past replies, the number of developers in the Philippines just isn’t enough for it to make sense for Roblox to host RDC there. It’s done in the US because I believe the majority of developers reside in the US, and they are the ones who would attend RDC. Hosting it in a place like the Philippines will most likely show less attendees showing up to the event.

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It’s really cheap as viewing it if you were Roblox. Around 5k for all employees not sure I haven’t been in any RDC yet, + other planning and meet ups. It’s actually not worth it having costs for a small party that people are gonna attend. So you’re right.

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If the Roblox China thing works out by RDC 2020, I want to believe that they would try to have a viewing party in China as there’s much more exposure there than there probably is in the Philippines.

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Asia looks very much to be next on Roblox’s V I S I O N on expansion, at least looking at what they’ve said.

In RDC 19, the talk World Domination Through Multiple Languages (Part 1) Video | Slides

In the presentation, Roblox has 10 key countries/markets. These are:
USA; China; Japan; (South) Korea; Germany; UK; France; Canada; Spain; Italy

Where Roblox has recently pushed their presence; such as China, Japan, Korea, Germany, and France; Roblox has seen massive increase in users, revenue and engagement.

Looking at that kind of background, let’s shift that focus back into RDC and means for developers.

While the Philippines may have a lot of Roblox players and developers. It’s not a market Roblox is directly targeting, maybe indirectly via some other countries.
I would personally expect RDC to be in either China, Japan or Korea along with the expectation that those would travel to the respective country, as similar to EU and US.

If and when this will occur is not known but if they do, you’ll hear it publicly announced.

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