RDC Game Jam Pre-work


Hey everyone, ok so I have a question… For RDC in the game jam do we have to start our project from scratch? Please let me know thanks from John!

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You are encouraged to make everything that is used during the time given. From what I remember, you could use previously made assets, but I think you’d lose some points for it.

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I don’t know if it’s a rule, but as far as I know, yes, you do have to start your project from scratch.

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Pretty sure! You and your team (if you have one), start from a baseplate!

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From what I remember you are allowed to use plugins that help your workflow and you can also reuse some small assets. Building on top of previous projects is of course not allowed and you’ll have to start with the good old baseplate. If your project ends up looking suspiciously good the judges will ask you some questions about it and you’ll have to explain the situation, so I wouldn’t recommend trying to go against the rules.

That being said, rules change a bit every year so I would just wait until the game-jam starts before worrying about anything. Do make sure you’ve found a group before then though.


You were allowed to use pre-made plugins and assets last year, but it could change this year. They definitely want you to make your game from scratch in the time period as that’s the point, and you won’t know the theme until it starts.

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