RDC Game Jam Predictions


As we all know, the game jam theme last year was alternate physics. It’d be interesting to hear some of the community’s predictions on what the next game jam theme might be, and why. Personally, I’d think it would be something to do with anthro - but it would be interesting to hear some of the predictions from you guys. :thinking:


I can see why you think anthro would be a good game jam theme, for Roblox has seen the face of anthro characters to be a new step toward Powering Imagination™ :watermelon:

Perhaps something with custom characters?


I’m hoping this years theme is a bit more narrow, last years “alternate physics” was pretty broad and I think it didn’t do as well as some other years.


Key features to add would probably be viewports, rthro, and forcefield material?


VR? I don’t know if that’s ever been a theme before but it would certainly yield some interesting results. Headsets could be provided.


Lighting (the use of light and colors in focus with the future is bright :slightly_smiling_face:)


That’s probably not going to work, you could provide headsets but there’d have to be some kind of “booth” where you can use it for a limited time to play each game, and there’s hundreds of people attending.

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Perhaps future is bright is the next game jam theme? :thinking:


I feel like as others have said, it will be to utilize a new feature that’s come out since last RDC, like future is bright… however it’s gonna take some creativity to center a game around that, so perhaps anthro would be thrown in as a specification. If last year’s was alternate physics, i could see this years being puzzle oriented…


“A look into the past” is a theme I would love to see. Games would have to have influence of a period in history.

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Probably a more realistic prediction, seeing as it has progressed quite a bit.

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maybe it will be about physics in general


My guess would be Sci-Fi

Meanwhile ROBLOX goes through this thread and makes sure that the predictions are not correct

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In that case, I bet we can start listing the ones we don’t want!

(by the way, this is a joke, pls don’t actually guys)

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