RDC Game Jam Tournament idea

Since RDC will only be held in the USA this year, and there’s no Game Jam In any of the RDC watch parties in Europe, I came up with an idea- An RDC Game Jam Tournament!

How It Works
The idea is simple. Like any other game jams at RDC, people will organize into teams and create their games. What makes this different, though, is that there will be five rounds- Rounds One And Two, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, And Finals. Every round will help determine which team moves closer to the final rounds. There will be 20 Participants, with two development teams eliminated each round if the games don’t make it. At the finals, the winning teams will move on to be a part of the RDC Game Jam. They will make a new game there. They will either present it via Video Chat, Video, or at the stage, if the developers are at RDC US.

The games participating in the game jam will move on based on public voting. There will be a different voting poll every week until the final round arrives.

That’s my Idea!


All do respect isn’t this just the same idea as the current game jam, but minor changes? Good luck hosting it, I’m assuming you would be the one hosting it.

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Why not just have them explain via voice chat. But then ingame on the stage they just teleport everyone to the game.