RDC Location 2019 London


As I am going to RDC does anyone know where it will take place (in London)?


Someone told me that it is in 30 Euston Square.

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Once you get invited, it is in the invite information.


Some people were talking about it and the place seems very small so i just wanted to double check.


When you say very small do you mean it looks small from the outside or something?

Obviously I don’t know the building but it does claim it has room for 300 (which is 100 more people than RDC EU last year)


I’m pretty sure this is the place they did the RDC 2017 Europe game jam. I was there, it’s definitely big enough.


Yeah, it was a pretty big area. Should be fine for all the people that are going.


Oh ok maybe I have seen different pictures of it.