RDC Possibility of not being invited


Hey everyone I was wondering what the possibility of not being invited to RDC are and how I can ensure I am. Thanks from John.


Wave 4 has been announced as an application wave, within 2 weeks you’ll be able to apply for a ticket as long as they last.

How Could I Secure a Spot in RDC as an (Inactive) New Member?

I was 99% sure you’d be automatically invited by being on the forums. Rules can change and possibly did. :grin:


Is there any more info on this?


unsure 99% sure autoatically invited by being on the forums rule change did :smile:? ?


Used to be that full members always got an invite. I didn’t get one this year, so I’m assuming that’s no longer true.

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forum has grown too big :frowning:

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Well, we’ve progressed a lot. It’s great to have this many community developers with such a vast amount of views and opinions. In the end, this growth is for the best.


Thats neat, hopefully I can apply for it. I already see a few people getting their invites already.


What? Seriously? I think all full members should get an invite, new members shouldn’t get one.

You are hearing this from a new member by the way

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I agree it should be limited, but I think it should more depend on the contribution you’ve made to the website and the Developer Forum rather than your rank/role. At least while the rank system is ongoing improvement.

Right now there are still New Members who dont get recognition/havent been given a better role because top contributors aren’t giving them out so much currently.

I think there should also be more transparency with what each waves’ requirements are; It’s not to do with visits, nor number of times DevEx’ed, not even Developer Forum activity in some cases (have read about big members not getting invited until later waves or inactive members getting invited).

Overall, I just hope that people like myself who havent been able to get an invite will still be able to apply, at least. I hope that the people who deserve to go will get a chance

I fear it will turn into some kind of fight for death for tickets, being so many new members! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think it is only fair to let your contributions / portfolio speak for itself. No point in inviting the same group of people each year when Roblox can have a new wave of diverse people bringing in new perspectives.


If the conference was full last year, and people who went last year receive an invite this year - we can assume that the conference would be near to full again.

I think it would be a better idea to have new groups of people attending the conference yearly.