RDC UGC Announcement

As we all just heard the announcement of UGC, I am a bit confused on how far they are taking UGC. I heard something about the possibility of this moving all the way towards animations,models and plugins. Essentially the ability to sell those.

It’s personally just a bit confusing and I’d just like some clarity on what exactly UGC will cover as well as were they are implementing it.


The Q&A bit just before gamejam made it sound like it’ll gradually be everything.

Hats first, as soon as Thursday. Other accessories in the weeks to follow. Whole bodies and more once they’ve worked out how best to do that.

They also mentioned the dupe detection system still a work in progress.

And users will be able to assign limited status to their items and provide a number to sell. Not straight away though, that also requires more thought.

That’s what I gathered from it anyway.


What really concerned me was this verified creator status or something. I’m curious what the qualifications will be. As Roblox seems to have his obession with their 1000 top developers.

Essentially making the platform useless for everyone else. For me I’m pretty good at 3D modeling. So depending on the process for getting that creator status. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to qualify. Likewise if they decide to do what they usually do which is to put it all behind a paywall. This paywall being Premium or Builders Club.


Yeah I’m curious for the criteria if they go for that strategy. It must be an absolute nightmare for moderation so I can understand wanting to limit it a bit, at least at the start while they develop better automated tools. They mentioned one of the challenges for certain accessory types and animations is the moderation.

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I was wondering the same thing, a lot of really good modelers aren’t the top 1000. So it’s kind of weird the approach they are taking.

Question: What do you mean by that? This Thursday? Next Thursday?
I just need some clarification on this.


I kinda feel like, they should have it where when you make a new asset by default its private and only you can see it. You get the same functionality they’re planning to implement. But then you click publish and put it through to a queue. It goes through moderation and then once its moderated it goes live. From there if you want to update it you can go through the publish process again. In that period only the previous version is used when players equip it. But then once it clears moderation then it uses the new version.

I feel like as you continue to do this you should work up a good standing like credit. Basically this determines the leniency on moderation. Here they could add some moderated checks based on quality assurance. And as you break these your rating drops. Eventually you’ll get to the point of manual review. Where as if you get 3 strikes on the catalog UGC system then you lose your privileges of using UGC. At that point I would say it wouldn’t be wrong for all purchases of that item to go to Roblox instead of any revenue share the user was getting from it.

This would open UGC up to everyone IMO.


Next Thursday is what they said :slight_smile:

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I’d need to rewatch the stream to be sure but my understanding was this Thursday (4-5 days time depending on your zone)
Got ninja’d and the ninja says next Thursday :man_shrugging:

Edit: Watched the “The future of avatar” video and it is indeed this Thursday, 15th, if all goes to plan.


Ya I’m not entirely sure either but it’s one of these Thursdays haha. Though they say said overall its coming out fully this month and beginning of September.


Alright, thanks for the clarification!

I doubt there will be the ability to update, unless I missed something. In the same way you can’t update a shirt. It’s to avoid the issue of players buying something and then next week it’s not the same thing they paid for

That’s where the automation would click in, and then you’d get that bad rating that would eventually hit you up with that manual moderation. Meaning instead of an automated check a staff would need to approve your assets manually. Definitely gonna slow the process for you.

I think there’s no way you couldn’t update tbh. I’m sure Roblox is gonna continue improving the platform which means you’re gonna need to update. Whether that’s making new versions of the same asset in order to support R6, R15, and supposedly S97?? I feel like updates are a requirement for this.

Even Roblox updates their current catalog items, albeit super slowly.


I defiantly feel Roblox needs a rep/karma system