Real Side - Environmental / Tactical Update

Real Side Enviromental / Tactical Update

  • Added 3D Objects that floats around the regions you are at.

    See the small debris in the air :eyes:

  • New Environment’s Ambience :bird: :deciduous_tree: :wind_face:

  • Updated Fall Damage

    Showing Player Crouching with debris near.

  • Changed Ragdoll Collisions / Physics

  • New Blood With Mechanic that everyone would see

  • Tracking Vision has been added

    Allows you to see humans / animals easier by the glowing dots

  • Upgraded Npc’s Vision Precision.
    Npcs / Humans easily can see you, without having a trouble.
    It Include seeing through the transparent parts.

  • Ambience Changes when you at the place / region.

  • Now Humans Get suspicious when ever you have guns on.

    White dots are mark that player can see humans easier by tracking vision enabled.

  • Better Human’s Hearing Distance.

    Humans Can see broken Furnitures far away, they coming with cops to see whats wrong and will eventually investigate outside / indoor.