Real Time game plausible?

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons released and everyone going crazy over it, would it be plausible to take its real world clock system and make it into a game on ROBLOX? I haven’t seen any game take this aspect and I would like to be one of the first ones to do it, but would it be worth it in the long run? It would probably be a building game.


I haven’t personally played any AC games, but it would be very feasible to integrate the real-life clock into the game (and possible using os.time, note that “time skipping” is possible to a certain extent if you check it in a LocalScript). However one important design question is how to deal with people in different timezones and how to integrate them (if you let each player play on their own timezone, what does everyone see in a server of people with different timezones)?

I could imagine a timezone-based matchmaking system could work, putting you into the first available or new server with players full of your timezone, setting the dominant timezone of that server, with any friends joining after you adapting to that server’s timezone. People can still play with their friends, and have an experience in their own timezone if they just click the “Play” button.

Concluding, if the game is not a singleplayer-targeted game (with a “join friend” option), it could be rather tricky, and you might want to reevaluate whether it is interesting at all. If your game is mostly a singleplayer game (like a tycoon, simulator) it would be a nice and simple feature to add.

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Yes this can be done. Use tick() in conjunction with DataStores and a little math. Is it worth it? Well, I haven’t seen anyone do it in a serious capacity. There was an AC inspired game on Roblox that was generally well-liked but the creator made it as a joke, so that’s no guarantee of long term success.

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The plan is to make it only a 1 person server due to the amount of things the game will have. There are plans to allow cross-server meets where you can show off what you’ve created.

The game is going to be a building game (completely based on the players imagination). It won’t have the building style from bloxburg as it defeats the purpose. Instead, it will have prebuilt assets that you will have to “unlock” as the days go by. The player will have their own “island” or “town” which makes this game very unique as that hasn’t been created. Thanks for your feedback!

…and Animal Crossing players abuse it regularly in the official games

This is a really cool idea and I would definitely play it because my actual animal crossing island is awful

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I’ll try to set up a system to detect it like going backwards in time as going forwards is risky.

You could make the player select A Time Zone at the start similar to picking your hemisphere in Animal Crossing. Then connect that to A datastore.

You could use os.time with some ell thought out use.

I do think that if this game would be made well it may be one of the most unique and(if popular enough) most played game on Roblox.

The only problem is games like: BloxBurg and RoCitizens esixt which have similarity to AC(In a more urban setting)

In my opinion,the only way for this game to really take of is if:

  • You do something amazing with the lifestyle game genre not seen

  • If you incorporate something worth making the game go back to and make your Island or Town feel like A home (Villagers, People)

  • If you make A time based game

This is A good Idea but may take Alot of effort. In order not to be A “Clone” of other Roblox games you will really have to take the game in A new direction(Real Time may be the only way to do that)

Whatever you do Good Luck!

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This game won’t be like Bloxburg or Rocitizens as villagers would be a part of it. Also, those two games have a “plot” of land you have to build on as my game will allow you to build anywhere in your city or island.

I do believe that this game will be big as it takes these two ideas. I was originally going to create a Mario Kart styled game, however, I believe this game would be a lot more fun for players.

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