[REALISTIC] 3 Hour Island Speedbuild!

Haha thank youuu! You want me to have a look at yours?

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Sure! It looks really bad and I just started it. I am going to publish for team create because right now its a file

You can send me screenshots if you’d like

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Ok here is the picture


You know what, I might actually do that this week if i have the time!


It looks good! Just one thing. Not everything can be made using terrain. For those wall on the left, you might want to try and model them with blocks instead.

Ok well, I just downloaded blender and I toolbox some of the meshes but I check scripts and stuff. But thank you I might use wedges and blocks add smoothing to them using the new update. Thanks for the advice.

This is really good made, It’s so magical and so realistic! It’s awesome, you did a great job. :star_struck:

Thank you very very much ! :slight_smile:

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This is honestly mind blowing. It looks MUCH better than anything I can make. Keep up the good work!

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Ive had a look at some of your assets, they look wonderful too

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This looks astonishing! You’re a really great builder.

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The amount of trees, and the natural rockyness of the rocks,
and the sky too!
The waterfall looks super realistic!
and I like how you added the flowers!

But it is slightly too bright. My eyes are a little sensitive, so I can’t look
at it for much long.

But its pretty awesome! :smiley:

Haha sorry about that, it was just to touch up the lighting a bit :slight_smile: Thank you very much though!

Thank you for that, I try my best :wink:

maybe people don’t know how to make Terrain right but i see you did it right

really great job

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side Questing: did u hand draw the map before u made it?

You mean on a piece of paper to get the outline? If so no, the person who commissioned me gave me a reference piece, it was really vague however. I drew the outline (skeleton if you wish) of the map using terrain and built on from there. I worked using layers, I used rock first and added detail with each layer etc. Also, Thank you

You made this in three hours? It would take even more hours for another talented developer to complete this. Well done!

Haha thank you :slight_smile:
I surprised myself too

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This is amazing, i really like the trees and details you putted on the terain :smiley:, and the terain itself !

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