Realistic Character Rigs

Hey Developers! I want to start working with blender to make very realistic packages for games. I will be doing this so Roblox has something to help the next generation of Devs. So I am gonna make some very realistic rigs for HD games that will be free for everyone. I think it could help Roblox grow. I will not be paying but if you want to help me out I would love that very much. I want to make a mark that will make people aspire to follow their dreams as I have done on Roblox. I won’t be able to keep this up due to the fact I intend on joining the Military when I turn 18 in a few years… At that point I’ll hand my stuff over to someone like @EchoReaper or @buildthomas someone I know I can trust. But if you want to help me lemme know. Thanks from John…

Ps: Will not be paying it’s 100% volunteer work…


I’m a bit confused by this…

Are you asking for a rig, or saying that you’ll create it? Who will be using it? Can you just…like…rephrase your post? Super confused and have no clue what you’re asking for.


If you want, you could make rigs for my game? If you wanna talk more, DM me on Discord grilme99#9830.

He’s making realistic packages, and if anyone wants to help him out, then he’s taking donations.

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I’m saying I want to bring an element of realism to Roblox that I will create and I’m seeing if anyone wants to help.

Close but I’m saying I’m gonna make a very real package that players can use aka a free model and I’m looking for help.

Please let me know what wasn’t clear so I can fix the issue.

Forgot to throw that into the explanation, my apologies. And thank you for doing this, as I’m certain many people will appreciate what you’re doing.

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