Realistic Depictions of Fear question

I saw somewhere on the guidelines of XBOX (or I think in the featured guidelines) that your game isn’t allowed to have realistic depictions of fear if you want your game to be available on XBOX, but what does that mean? Is it talking about jumpscares and shaky camera, or something else? Or is it literal?

I’m asking this question because I have NPCs in the game that have a fear meter in combat, when it goes up, it will act fearfully in certain situations. For example, if a missile blows up near a NPC, they will sometimes jump away and duck down and stay on the ground for a moment, run away screaming and crying, or play dead. This is a realistic deception of fear because it’s what a normal person would probably do in combat when they’re scared and if that’s the case, I would have to make heavy modifications.

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It’s probably something like having a murderer chase you, etc.
Stuff that most kids can have nightmares about.
I don’t think it’s that much important and that it’s , but there are other stuff that might influence you.
If I’ve understood you correctly, your NPCs are civilians, and as far as I remember, there’s something about violence on civilians not being allowed.

It’s definitely something to look into and ask around if you’re doing game which can be considered semi-gore/semi-violent.


Don’t worry, the NPCs in this situation are just low-tiered combatants. I appreciate the response though!