Realistic Driving Train Physics

Hey there!

I’m planning to develop my own train game, but I’m not sure where to go about making the trains drive realistically. I have tried using HingeConstraints by setting the Velocity of the Hinge, but it doesn’t seem to work well at high speeds. CFraming doesn’t seem too practical for a drivable train, as it would use lots of weird loops.

I like how SCR does their trains, as they are extremely smooth, and feels really realistic. The problem is that I’m not sure how to approach how SCR did their trains.

I’m not asking for any scripts, I just want to know the best approach to get a realistic drivable train. Thanks!

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Use the Search bar up top and type in Train movement.

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I’ve read almost all of the posts before making this post, and they all seem to ask how to make automatic trains using CFrame. I want to know how to approach CFraming drivable trains, such as how to change speeds, etc.