Realistic orientation for flight

I am trying to make a gliding system where the player’s character will be gliding. I have been having a lot of trouble making it so that the character will align how I would like it to. Here is what I have for the code to orient the character:

local cam = workspace.CurrentCamera
local midpt = cam.ViewportSize/2
local direction = cam:ViewportPointToRay(midpt.X, midpt.Y).Direction
Gyro.CFrame =, direction)

What I would like to happen is for the character to be seen down the back, like they are flying headfirst, with their feet facing the camera, and the head opposite. instead, they just have the entire back towards you not the feet. I don’t know what math that I would need to achieve this, or what I need to do for this to work.

Any help is appriciated.