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<!> Please treat this experience as an unfinished project. <!>

–// Game:

–// Latest Updates:

  • Added SCP 079 physics and logic to doors;
    Upon viewing an SCP or an SCP spotting you and chasing you, SCP - 079 will be alerted by your presence and will try to do anything in its power to kill you. By shutting doors in front of you (if they’re open) or locking them (if they’re closed). Both (locking and shutting doors) has a high chance.

–// Upcoming Updates:

  • SCP 079s ability to manipulate the tesla gate at a very low chance.
  • Map expansion.
  • SCP 173 AI.

–// Side note:
I’m just building this game for fun and out of boredom. Which means, I do not expect this game to blow up. This is going to be a game for me and my friends, mostly, to play on.

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