Received follower notification from replies more then 2 years old

So I was minding my own business, trying to see if there were any half decent resources in #resources and trying not to go mad over all the crap posting, when suddenly I get this:

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 12.53.47

Since its not obvious, this is the follow notification.

Any idea why suddenly it showed 20 replies at once, despite the fact the replies were spread out over a few months?


Here are the three most likely cases:

You didn’t notice it (when it was at 1 through 19) and then you saw it once it got to 20,

I have noticed that the DevForum has been slow in showing the notification circles. (For example, I get a message but it takes a day or two for the green circle to show up.)

You set the topics status to Tracking, and the forum decided that you didn’t need a notification until 20 replies. (This might have happened if you replied to the topic.)

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Definitely not this, I check notify regularly and this is the first ive ever had for this topic, besides some of the 20 replies it was referring were sent before I even joined the forum.

These replies were spread out over years, so I don’t really feel this is feasible.

Ive seen the topic one or twice before, but the notification was from following a user.

Reading this before I send it I realise it sounds a bit rude, this really isn’t intentional and i’m sorry, just was trying to explain why I don’t think your suggestions should be the case, so ye. Sorry, worded it badly.

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Can you title your topic appropriately? This is clickbait. (EDIT: title was fixed)