Receiving requests from a server and returning data

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to send a request to a server and have the server send back an array of data. I am using Node Js for the server.

  2. What is the issue? I can’t appear to find anything regarding this and I’ve spent quite a bit of time on it.

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? I’ve tried browsing forums and seeing if anyone has posted anything but nothing appears to be showing up directly related.

If you don’t fully get it, this is what I mean: Roblox server sends a request to my server, my server sends back an array of data based on what the roblox server sent.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Data will automatically be returned if your web server is set up to respond to certain HTTP methods (e.g. GET). On Roblox’s end, it’s just a matter of using HttpService and an appropriate request to your endpoints with any data/headers/whatever as needed.

Do you already have your server and endpoints set up, or is that what you needed help on? If you already have them set up, it just takes using HttpService to send a request to your endpoint with the appropriate HTTP method.