Recipe System help

Hello. I have been trying to script a recipe system for a hamburger but I am not sure how to do this. I have searched this up on YouTube but all I could find is them doing it with only one topping such as cheese. I am trying to get a recipe for my hamburger where it could have items like cheese, lettuce, and onions. Could anyone help me with this or point out some other videos or posts to look at to help me on this?

I’ve actually made something similar a long time ago. An easy way is to assemble your burger, and make everything on it fully transparent. Then, when you touch the burger to an item (lettuce, tomato, etc) it’ll make that item on the burger visible, exactly where you placed it.

Not sure if you were looking for something more complex, but this did the job for me.


Ok, thank you for your help and I will try this out. Sorry for the late reply but is there a way where I can click the items instead of touching them?

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Yes, you can do that by using the ‘ClickDetector’.

local ClickDetector = script.Parent.ClickDetector
	-- what happens here

Learn more about that here:

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Ok, thank you for your help and for linking an article. I will check that out too.