Reclass - intelligent class conversion

Yeah same here, but I guess we have to wait till the USD store will get released

edit: Nevermind, I didn’t see that its 15$ on

4-8k robux for a plugin is insanely high when you consider the robux buy price because you are expecting someone to buy 10k robux for 100$ and spend 8k on that for just one of your plugins, which I think is safe to say that rarely anyone would want to spend that much and would be more incentivized to look for free alternatives or find the rbxm through other means.

Your pricing is fair through the lens of devex but I highly doubt most people get robux through that. Perhaps keep it free until one can buy directly with usd.


I would urge you to watch @Elttob’s two video on USD pricing. and

It’s a great explainer into why these decisions were made and actually are designed to grow the market and be in line with the industry.

Early analysis make it clear that this has been a good thing to make this change

When you talk about the Robux buy rate, you create the wrong dichotomy between how you are expected to finance the purchase and the buy rate. It’s not the right train of thought.

If you wanted to buy it with USD, you’d go to Itch or wait for Roblox to release USD.

Developer focused discussion on developer focused tooling should think the developer ecosystem and the associated economy. This results in anything on real world value to be pegged to the US dollar at the DevEx rate and nothing else. Applying the buy rate doesn’t make sense and for developers in those positions they should focus on buying it direct with USD where possible or not using the plugin.

Ultimately plugins are tools which make a task easier and quicker and are not required to be a developer, they are priced in a way which means that the creator earns money which at scale is liveable on and that developers who make any considerable income should be able to pay it.


I get your point. Developers shouldn’t be pressured by the culture to price their plugins at a certain level. You mainly did this to lead developers to not undervalue their work, which I completely understand and am supportive of.
However, I also think about developers who are limited by their real-world environments, and their age, and unfortunately cannot pay this big of a price for a plugin like this.
I wish that those developers could still afford plugins that are well-made and can make their lives easier. That’s what I’m criticizing here, switching USD from Robux is a great change for plugin developers as now they can value their work properly and get great amounts of cash, but for those who cannot afford or simply aren’t able to buy things from USD will no longer be able to experience the development environment that we have.

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I think that pricing should be reworked. While I realise it may be more profitable long term and better for you, asking roughly £10 for a plugin to change classes seems a little bit outrageous. That is, considering it used to be free. I fully inspected your linked video on Youtube and you have made many valid points. You listed that younger developers may not be able to request funds from their parents as much as they were with Robux. That is, a Roblox decision, which is out of your hands, as a given. While I lack issues with the new system (besides its in USD but that happens to be easy enough to convert to pounds) however your base prices seem excessive (even as listed in the video, after doing a USD → GBP conversion). I have reviewed the rest of this thread and understand I may not be agreed with. However, I think it would be a good move for all us if it were not as highly priced.

Furthermore, this may be related to Roblox’s pushing of Ad Credits and attempting to integrate USD/GBP into the creator economy, but that strays off from my original post.

My apologies if this comes off as rude, it's not meant to. Just my personal opinions. Cheers!

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I am aware that people want to see more value out of my plugins, which is why I’m working on a bunch of updates that will much better justify the pricing. I can’t say anything today, but I’m making some pretty huge investments in tech right now that should constitute a generational leap over what’s currently offered.


Understood, thank you for the clarification, mate! Cheers!

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I feel for your problems with pricing in robux… The roblox devex exchange rate is so predatory against developers & unlikely to ever change because they know they can get away with it.

At the current exchange/robux pricing this plugin now costs $60.

I’ve been using reclass for a while but theres other free plugins that do the same thing just with slightly worse UI. Sorry, but I’d rather put up with the worse UI than spend $60 on this. Not a knock at you - I feel bad for your situation - just giving you the information on why I stop using this.


You’ll see the price come down on the 8th of April with the Creator Store release, just to put that out there. The Creator Store has lower overhead so I’m passing those cost savings directly on.

I totally understand that you don’t want to spend that much. But if you already own Reclass, you can still use it free of charge.

2AM April 9 (11:11 PM April 8 where Roblox Corp is)

I still cannot purchase plugins with money, and I doubt it’s coming out today.


The Creator Store team announced a slight delay, will keep everyone up to date over Twitter.

I posted some pretty images to pass the time :wink:


Hmm, what would those images be about? I wonder- wait holy shit that is wonderful.
I retract most of my statements, you cooked.
Can’t wait for the other new generation plugins, unlike Reclass, I think those plugins deserve every cent lol.

Plugin is amazing but can you make it also saving attributes?Thanks

why is this plugin is paywalled? i got this like before that happened

i wanna install this plugin on my alt account, but its too late because its paywalled

I’m currently working on a new version of the plugin which will be freely available via Access Anywhere for those who need it :slight_smile:

This should help cover the cases where the purchase option is a limiting factor.


any way i could get a old version plugin file , i dont want to pay and cant find another plugin
EDIT: i found this plugin that works but its not easier to use.