Recoil broken on Mac

I’m not really 100% sure if this post belongs here, but I really need some help from someone with a Mac and who knows how to open the developer console on mac.

Evidently my game Recoil is completely broken on Mac. It’s clear that the error is related to one of my RenderStepped functions, but I can’t fix the issue without knowing what the error is. The users who reported the problem can’t open the dev console for some reason.

So if you have a Mac and the time to help, I’d really appreciate it if you could play this game:

and send me screenshots of the developer console errors. (The particular bug is related to walking… evidently when you walk your gun stays behind and your arms freak out).


I’ve heard from a few other Mac users now, and it seems like no-one else is experiencing that problem. So that’s good news I suppose, but thank you guys for trying to help anyways.

It does make me nervous now though that there’s a rogue game-breaking bug out there somewhere…

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