Recommendations For This New Game

Hello! I have actually made a post on the topic of this game before. The problem is, is that I find it hard to evaluate my own work. I am near done with this game and am close to advertising it. Tell me all around what you think of it.

Whether or not its to simple, what you think of the concept of the game idea in the first place, what I should add to it, what I should improve, what I should remove, and etc…

Gamepasses are private as of now but consist of: 2x walkspeed, 2x power, and VIP

VIP gives u custom commands like gravity and other things that aren’t programmed yet. and 2x power gives you more power per kick.

Game Here

I am desperate for detailed and verbal feedback. Please, if you decide to test and evaluate then give me an honest response. I’d appreciate it!


Okay could you send me the link

We cant recommend anything if you provide no information on what your trying to make… or the game link.

it was tagged not sure y it wasnt posted :confused:

Overall, not a fun game. There is a lack of visuals, lack of music, a bland map, and overall pretty much nothing.

I recommend adding visual effects, having different objects to kick, improving the map design, adding an in-game economy, adding a shop, adding UI, and anything else that would turn it from a concept to a game.

The game could use some work. I don’t think it’s ready to advertise for quite a while.