Recruiting a Professional 3D Modeler! (Closed)

About Us

Hi there! I am Twinkie! I am the lead director of Stunning Studios! We are a small upcoming developer group working on a new project! Right now we are looking for a professional 3d modeler! We need 5 gun assets made for our project!


  • Must have experience in the 3D-Modeling field
  • MUST use blender or another 3d modeling system!
  • Should have experience in modeling guns/weapons!
  • Must have a portfolio or examples of past work ready!
  • Must able to recreate the style of our already made guns!

About The Job

We are looking for a professional 3D-Modeler for the game! We need about 5 gun assets modeled for our project. Again, you must use blender, or any other 3D Modeling software! Again, we need 5 guns made. I will post pictures of our already made guns down below, you must be able to recreate that style. If you do well, we will have more work for you to do! (If you are unable to recreate the following style, please do not contact me)

Already made guns

Our game needs 5 new assets!
List: rocket launcher, Thomson machine gun, FN scar, Sniper rifle, FAMAS! These are the guns I need done!



Contact Us


I’ve removed the tag from your title–that’s what the “optional tags” section is for. :slight_smile:

Hope too talk futher; Pram the clamツ#9508

If i may, why has the previous modeler left ?

Sure, he is currently too busy, and closed for commissions at the moment.

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Do you already know what are the 5 guns to model or is that only decided later ? I feel like it’d be useful to know what guns are to be modeled

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I might be able to write up a list, thanks for reminding me!
Edit: Just made a list!

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Hi, I can recreate this style of weapons very well, as I have 2 years of experience using blender. Please DM me if you are interseted.

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