Recruiting Builders for Apocalyptic Zombie Game 5k-10k R$

About Us
Greetings, we are Kryptonic Games and we are here to bring joyous, detailed, and innovative games to the metaverse.

About the Game
We are currently recruiting developers for a newly designed free roam survival zombie game. The game is based in an apocalyptic world several years after the outbreak of a deadly virus. The goal of the game is to collect and upgrade gear, weapons, and vehicles, build shelter, survive against zombies and other players, and much more! Players can survive this gruesome world alone or team up with others to be part of the ultimate team!

About the Job
We are looking for 1-3 builders to create structures, furniture, and various other assets. Everything needs to be built with the sort of detail to match Roblox’s terrain and it needs to be well designed with a good atmosphere.

Requirements and Terms

  • You must be 13+ (exceptions can be made)
  • You must have and actively use Discord for quick communication
  • If your time zone is 8+ hours outside of EST, then you may need to be up early or late for communication and tasking.
  • You must be fluent in English
  • You must have good team work skills and be respectful to the other developers
  • You must be comfortable with creating everything in our game
  • Anything you create in our game is owned by us as long as we pay for it and should not be used anywhere else unless given permission
  • We expect assets to be finished by the deadline (deadlines will be fair)
  • We will not pay for an asset until it’s complete or if you need to leave for very good reason we will pay for the portion that’s finished
  • As long as the game is successful, this is meant to be a long term job and we hope you can stay after release to help with updates, but if you cannot that’s okay. However, we do expect you to at least stay until your part of the game is completed

We will be paying somewhere from 1,000 - 7,500 Robux to each builder all depending on how much work they do and how good their work is as well as how long it takes.

Contact Us
If interested or for information, you can contact Coeman 577#5777 via Discord.

Thanks for reading!


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