Recruiting Developers for Horror Game

About Us
Hello there, we are a studio known as Kryptonic Games that seeks to create lot’s of fun, immersive, unique, and exciting games on the Roblox platform!

The Team
@Coeman_577 - Owner, Game Designer, Project Manager, Community Manager, Scripter, UI Designer, Builder, Animator, Lighting Designer, Environmental Designer, Bot Programmer
@brytonmaster - Co-Owner, Game Designer, Project Manager, Community Manager, Builder, Environmental Designer
@GuyWivTheLongestName - Lead Developer, Game Designer, Project Manager, Community Manager, Scripter, Builder, 3D Modeler, Lighting Designer
@233Neon - Head Developer, GFX Designer
@potrox2344 - Developer, Builder, Animator
@IFABZI - Developer, GFX Designer
@HcneyTheBee - Developer, GFX Designer
@thiscouldbeyou - Builder
@thiscouldbeyou - Builder
@thiscouldbeyou - 3D Modeler
@thiscouldbeyou - Animator
@thiscouldbeyou - Scripter
@thiscouldbeyou - Scripter
@thiscouldbeyou - UI Designer
@thiscouldbeyou - Composer

About The Job
We are currently in need of many roles of developers such as: builders, scripters, animators, 3D modelers, UI designers, and composers. Everyone will be given a fair amount of tasks that need to be completed before the game is finished. We estimate that each developer will need to put in 10-30 hours in order to complete the Pre-Alpha version of the game. Developers who possess multiple skills are welcome to do extra and if they do, they’ll be paid extra.

About the Game
There is currently no name for the game yet. The game takes place in an old but functional hotel. The game is 1-4 players and the style is realistic medium poly. The story of the game is you are a detective and you receive a letter from the owner of the hotel asking if you can come and stay a night in the hotel to investigate some disturbances. The hotel owner claims in the letter that there has been some very strange things happening in the hotel and it’s bringing down its reputation. He asks that you do not tell any of the hotel staff that you are a detective and try to find out who or what is causing these disturbances.


  • You must be 13+ (Exceptions can be made if you’re mature and good at what you do)
  • If your time is more than 6 hours outside of EST than you may need to either get up early or stay up late for communication
  • You must have and actively use Discord for quick communication
  • You must spend a minimum of 3 hours a week working and we do hope you can spend more than that, but it’s not mandatory
  • If you are part way through creating an asset and you leave the job or are fired for a good reason, we do not need to pay you for it. If you’re receiving a percentage off of the game and you leave the job or are fired for a good reason, then you will either only get part of your full percentage or nothing at all depending on how much progress you made. (This is to prevent people from leaving mid way or being lazy. Don’t assume we’ll abuse it).
  • If you’re one of those people who prefer to call, then you’re welcome to do that with the other developers, but it’s certainly not mandatory and the owner and co-owner usually don’t
  • We ask that you actively check our Discord server and any group DM’s we add you to daily


  • You receive any of our products you would like for free
  • You will receive credit for all of your work and be displayed in a great community
  • You’ll receive special perks in our group, server, and games
  • We’re pretty laid back with allowing people time off as long as it’s for good reasons
  • You’ll get to have fun being part of a great team and helping to manage a wonderful community!

For this project, we can pay in asset, percentage, or even a mix of both. We’d be paying 100-2,000 per asset depending on the size, quality, and complexity of it. For percentage, each person who wants a percentage off of the game will receive 5% - 20% per skill that they possses, all depending on how much they do.

Contact Us
If interested, you can contact Coeman_577 on Discord with the username: Coeman 577#5777

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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