[RECRUITING] Glacier Cafe

Glacier Cafe

Introduction :
Hello everyone! Glacier Cafe have been founded on 02/18/2021 and since we have been working on Administrative. We are actually looking for developers who have skills to Build Low Poly/Modern building and if he can 3D model it would be great! We’re also seeking for Scripter to make us our game enjoyable, and very unqiue, we wanted to have an odering system that send the order to the work in the kitchen. More info will gave time to come.
Requirments :
If you are applying for one of these positions make sure to have you portfolio ready :

Dev needed for :

Payment :
I offer 2 ways for now group fund and % of revenue until you gain the total of payment given
We can negotiate prices later.


Administrative team

Development team

  • Scripter : Looking for one
  • Builder : Looking for one
  • GUI : @SilverStaIIions and looking for another one
  • Artist ( Thumnail and Icon ) : @OverjoyedSonicFire4 ( Made the icon ) and looking for someone who can do the rest

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