Recruiting People To Help Find A Model

I had a game called “TeaHill”, owned by a group called “Tearenos.” I left the group a long time ago, and made it private. I was recently going through the game, and fount it, and really want it back. The model is like a stove. And it makes food. I’m pretty sure it’s a free model. So I am hiring someone to find it.

Prices: Around 200-500, but I can make it more. (If you find it.)

This is a recruitment to find it.

Contact me via Discord: ColdGeckos#1464

Pic 1: Screenshot_63

Pic 2:

Already found it.

I’m confused as to what you are asking for when you say “So I am hiring someone to find it”…

If the group is private, the model cannot be accessed.
Or are you asking for someone to remake it for you?

Find it, it was a free model. The model I used was free, you can still access it in the toolbox, just I can’t find it.

Just a suggestion, instead of paying someone to “find” a free model for you, you can instead pay someone to make you one with that Robux.


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