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Thank you for taking an interest in applying. Please make sure to read the entire post before messaging me. Thank you!

About us
Hello there! We are ZoomEx Studios. We are currently developing a new game on Roblox and searching for an experienced Programmer to join us. This would be a long term position as we grow this game and possibly others in the future! Our main studio goal is to bring new unique ideas and games to the Roblox community which are fun for players of all ages!

The Team
@ZoomCode - Builder,Modeler,Team Manager
@Linkmon99 - Investor/Media
@Bitslittle - UI Artist
@TTV_NinjaDude - Composer
@yourname - Programmer

We are looking for a professional Programmer to work alongside us. We expect a good understanding of LUA and programming things in a professional manner. Good communication skills are appreciated. I’ll be checking progress daily and working alongside you. I will also be providing all assets you require to finish different sections of the game. We strive to make games that are fun and enjoyable for all audiences! Our current project has some very unique aspects to it which we are excited to get working on! We expect at least 1 Hour of Development time spent on the project daily.
Game Ideas will not be disclosed publicly. All assets needed for the project will be provided.

Things that will need to be programmed.
- Dialogue/Quests
- Basic Inventory system
- Combat systems PVE
- Level Selection
- UI’s
- Game passes
- DataStores (Using DataStore2 is acceptable)

As the Programmer, you will be receiving 30% of Revenue. Please note this project is not a cash grab but rather a long term project. We do not currently have a backup payment set. Profit from the game will be split 4 ways. A fair amount of my percentage will also go back into advertisements as well.

@Linkmon99 - 35%
@ZoomCode - 30%
@YourName - 30%
@Advertisements - 5%
@Bitslittle (Paid Per Commission)
@TTV_NinjaDude (Paid Per Commission)

You can contact me on discord! TimeDefender#1089 Please have a portfolio or previous work ready to display!
You must be 14 years or older to apply!

Thanks for reading!

I am interested I sent a friend request!

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I’ve accepted your friend request on discord.

I am interested discord is FemiRobloxDeveloper#3915

Closed. Thank you to everyone who applied!

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