Recruiting scripters for an MMORPG game

About Me

Howdy! My name is Icy I’m an builder, I’ve been using Roblox Studio for 3 years. I’m also the leader of the project. I’m a silly person and fun person to work with. I’m here because I wanted to make an MMORPG game, I’ve always wanted to make an RPG game because any RPG games are my favorite and how you could proceed in the game.

The Team
@Icy - Creative Director / Builder /

About The Job

I’m looking for an experienced LUA programmer/scripter for Roblox Studio. You’ll pretty much need to know how to make every such as data saving, slot system, inventory, leveling, and etc. The project is an MMORPG where you proceed world by world. There are 12 worlds in a story, stories are basically chapters with a lore. It’s like playable movies, and books but in a game. I’ll explain the jobs once you contact me.

Examples of my build :


  • Speak English (so we could communicate well)
  • Have 2 years+ of programming (less if you do other programming language)
  • Being cool (I bet you are)


This will be a collaboration so you’ll be receiving percentage when the game is in beta phrase or full release. You’ll most likely be receiving 20 - 30% but it all depends on that day. If you think 20 - 30% is low, I’ll give you a happy price when the game is released. It probably won’t fail since I have everything planned. If it does I’ll back you up with 1,000+ robux (I’m poor B( )
The reason the percentage is low right now is because the rest is going to the other long term helpers and the game’s assets, sponsor and etc. It will go up.

Contact Us

Discord : Icy#9608
Roblox : Icy732

Thanks for reading!

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