Recruiting: Scripters+Ui Desingers. (Split Payment among members) 5 slots. 1/5

Join Sakurai Studios (to be ranked) & to dm me. #rias#5702 to join. you can also join by filling out the following form ->

We are a dev server that makes games. Sometimes the games we make are for other groups and most are for us. We team up with other groups to ensure we make excellent games.

I use an alt account ROBLOXDEVOK to make games to prevent permanent removal on uploading assets or games that Roblox staff denies.

You can see our progress so far here:

About The Job

We’re looking for Beginners to Advanced scripters, Ui designers, &/or modelers. We do not have a “leader” and all our members will split the profit in an exactly equal manner (instead of an owner getting 90% and you get that 10 if it were 2 people, it would be we split 50/50.)
We work on random games, and they can change at any time. If we all agree on switching or the majority we will switch to another game idea. Depending on how much progress was on the previous we may work on it as a side project. Its option to work on the game idea we discard, but when complete the only members getting a cut are those who worked on it. Please do not be rude to other members for there decision, this will not be tolerated.
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Please try to be as active as possible or you may be kicked. If your kicked you can join back if theres any member slots left. (if your inactive for 1 month.) in some cases it will be excused but otherwise it wont be tolerated. were always looking for new designers and will be posting new shirts and updates daily. we already own a group and all we make can be viewed via group funds. We pay Robux and currently don’t support PayPal payments.

contract signature is required.
Must be 13+ of age

you will not be paid on assets but can be kicked from lack of work. this doesn’t mean if you don’t do enough we will kick you, but instead of if you do nothing. if you feel as though another member has been slacking please report it in admin chat.

Join Sakurai Studios (to be ranked) & to dm me. #rias#5702 to join. you can also join by filling out the following form ->

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I am a scripter (Kami#4133) I will link my profile in discord

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cool. I messaged you. make sure to join the discord server and Roblox group to get everything or anything you want to or might need to know.

I see the “Website” tag but I do not see a website role? If you need a website made contact me on discord at UrDailyCupOfTea#0174, if not please remove the tag so others dont find this post when searching for people who need a website.
I am NOT a roblox staff so you do not need to remove it! I am just trying to help the community!

what is your ui design style?

my style is mostly based off of the game itself. Iv not mastered UI design but i know almost everything to it. I can do prompt purchases, buttons (like dropping stuff or opening a menu), press a key-bind to open a frame, etc. what im not the best at is decorating how it looks. I have a sense of style but not a creative one. i can make it look good but usually need inspiration from another games style (no not copying there UI just the font combination and layout.) i did some research and studied how brands usually have 2 main colors they use for everything and occasionally reverse. (white text red background one slide, red text white back-round for the next) type of thing.
if your interested in working with us just reply your discord tag

we were but we decided to ditch the idea since of estimated sales. if we put 100k into ads, even if people did buy the shirts we would only get 5 robux from that sale. that being said, since were a group of developers making the game we would all get a cut and the investor would get a smaller cut. we decided it would take forever to find someone with a “extra 100k” to waste and we would make very little profit. you can dm me if you want to find out about our current game or to join!

also i removed the tag. before it was relevant but not so much now. Dm me if your still interested and sorry for the delay

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