Recruitment (FOR A CLIENT)

About The Game
The game is a mini game in which you get to play as vehicles from air vehicles, aquatic and land. There will be many mini games such as freeze tag, hide and seek, tag, and obbies!

About Us
We are a new dev team and looking to hire more developers as recently we had to have some cutbacks as some devs were afk for a long time. We are looking to hire these positions:
-Professional Sripter/Programmer
-Advanced Builder
-Gui designer

About the Positions
The gui designer and animator will have the least amount of work on the team. The Scripter will do the scripting for the game and maybe with some help. The builder will have to complete two maps a week as they are simple.

Must all be active when necessary and complete work on time!

-Animator : pay per asset

  • Gui: Percent or pay per asset
  • Scripter : Percent or pay per script
    -Builder: Percent and 3k robux

Contact Us:
Owner: MajestiKai#5306
Me: Brum brum#6672
Feel free to add us on dizzy and/or reply to this post!slight_smile
Have a portfolio ready on request please.

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Hey! I can design UI sent a request to you I am ImjustaStufful#5873

I sent a friend request U_npluggedDev#0001

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