Redshift Arena: RELOADED | Open Beta | Looking for feedback!

Hi guys!

The game is an oldschool-styled Arena Shooter, meaning in essence, there’s weapons, armor, and powerups that you need to pick up, rather than spawn with them through a class or loadout. Not only that, but map and item control is the key to success in this game, and quite recently, my game has been growing in terms of concurrent players. It appears to be quite popular among Mobile users, as that makes up a good chunk, most of the time, of my playerbase. Mobile and Gamepad players also have bullet magnetism as a form of aim assist.

I’ve been adding a lot of content to it over the past 7 months or so, and I’m wanting to get feedback on the game while it has players.

Rigorous playtesting and bug fixing has hopefully ensured this game is the best it can be!!

Here’s the link to the game, if anyone wants to check it out!!

I do plan on adding more content, such as cosmetics and making all settings in-game function properly!