Reducing Lag [HELP]

Currently I own this game,!/game-instances

I was wondering how I should go about reducing lag? I’d like to keep the current player count (although it may be necessary for me to lower it)


What kind of performance issues are you experiencing? Network delays, client-sided performance dips? Try to be as specific as you can so that it’s easier to pinpoint the issues.

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Things such as movement, chat, etc… will begin lagging, and become impossible to play. Even death

try removing a bunch of stuff from the game that isn’t necessary if you haven’t already, like removing parts that aren’t visible in the map.

I usually find that the only time that parts lag my games, as long as there aren’t A LOT, is when they are unanchored.

Yeah, theres really nothing that can be removed… and the place doesn’t lag with about 40 people.

Try making sure you have no sort of memory leaks in your scripts.

yeah, unanchored parts usually lag a lot.

How should I go about doing this?

And its not actual lag, its just a delay in events etc…

Does the performance get worse as the server ages? As the user ages? Is the server slowing to a crawl? This could be literally anything and a few client diagnostics aren’t pinpointing anything. If you haven’t already, try using the MicroProfiler to pinpoint any unusual lag on the client.

I agree with @BuildIntoGames you should check the micro profiler to check spikes, and free models are probably the real culprits behind the lag