Reducing part lag scripts

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Recently, I have been making some detailed builds which are hard to test with the amount of lag. I was wondering if you guys have any scripts that can stop part lag? I’ve seen these type of scripts before in games I’ve been hired for, but I never got the chance to ask about them. So I’m asking here!

Please keep in mind, I am a builder with very little scripting experience and if you have any scripts that will do the trick, please tell me where I need to insert them(workspace, a certain part etc).

Of course, if you don’t feel wanna submit your script cause like you don’t want other people using your work for free then all good no need to reply to the post. Your script will most likely be used by other people reading this so bear that in mind!

Submit your script below as a reply, and I will comment on the ones that work well!

Thank you!


This is often misunderstood, but there is no such thing as a ‘anti-lag script’.
This is a problem with your code and you can only fix your code and reduce lag.


I’m quite confused on what your trying to say.
Are you saying that there are no scripts at all that reduce part lag? If so, Ima wait and see if anyone else has an idea on what I mean…

As a general consensus, I like to think of lag as something you can’t possibly stop unless your code/ build is optimised to prevent these performance issues.

In regards to detailed builds; textures, large number of part count, unions all cause lag. There isn’t any code that ultimately reduces lag, as there are so many parameters to considers for lag. It comes down to how you optimise your builds and understanding the cause of lag, before tackling it. So, no the rumoured tale of this so-called ‘anti-lag’ script is a baloney. Unfortunately.

Utilise the provided features such as StreamingEnabled, check if your parts are anchored (physics interfering), reduce the union count, limit part counts are all factors to reduce lag.

This is a very awesome topic about this:


Never Use Anti-Lag From ToolBox

Here are the tips to reduce lag

  • Make unions instead of sperating parts…
  • Set your game graphics to Level 1 (in render)
  • Make parts less as possible
  • Try adding parts in Folders / Models
  • Never Ever Get anything from toolbox ( viruses )

These were the tips.

Have a great day / night :smile:

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I don’t mean to be rude either, but you can’t tell people to read rules when you are breaking one in the same post. Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum

Hey, there are no scripts that can reduce part lag, but I’d like to remember you to always check in the search bar if someone asked something similar to you, in this case there are many threads already discussing how to get less lag.


Right, you’re right. I should give my reasons for calling your advice bad. So here we go:

  • Sorry to say friend but unions do not reduce lag, as a matter of fact they’ve been proven to increase it.

  • Yeah setting your graphics to 1 will decrease your render distance and will help for larger maps, but if the map isn’t large then this is pointless.

  • “Make parts less as possible” this is solid advice, I have no arguments.

  • Putting parts in models or folders also does not improve performance.

  • Free models are not all viruses, and what’s more is that they’re really simple to clean even if they are. Free models aren’t bad, I use them all the time because I am lazy.

Thank you for reminding me to be polite.



Thank you everyone for all of your replies! Definitely was not expecting this. But I could’ve sworn I saw a script that reduces some lag. I guess I’ll go with the tips you guys sent. Thank you again! <3

Have a good one,

Edit: I’ve put the best set of tips by @repvalor as the solution. You guys all did put good tips, thanks <3

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