RE:Fencing Notice

It’s a fencing game… just better but crappy. The game requires 2 individual players for Sabre gamemode, on the other hand the Practice mode is a free roaming game mode for players to mess around with.

The development team is relatively new, expect slow and delayed updates overtime. The game has been developed for nearly a year, & is expected to have bugs.

Early Access

[NOTE] The game has yet to be shipped as a complete version for Version 01 as a part of the Phase I (Testing Phase), everything is not the actual representation of the final product.
Early Access Players will receive a badge.


  • Game modes such as Sabre & Practice have been added.
  • Environment Lighting has been darkened to give more stage presence for the Piste.
  • Timer, Rounds & Goal Points has been implemented. Goal to Reach: 8 points | Timer : 180 secs | Rounds: 3 rounds.
  • Arena color scheme changed to match the 2012 Fencing Arena Model.
  • Added simple conditions to ensure the player’s activities aren’t bugging around.
  • Flunge, Lunge, Cut, Dash, Retreat, Feinting, Parry & Riposte has been added as techniques to battle your enemies with.
  • Controls are heavily reliant on manual inputs (Such as Concealing Slots to Riposte when Parrying is active)
  • Animations have yet to be completed & revamped after receiving multiple feedbacks about it.
  • Fencers now gets cool clothing.
  • Players get warned whenever they went out of bounds in Sabre.
  • Players are non-collidable.


  • Referee Call (En Garde, Pret, Alle) during Intermission is being played scoring a point 1 second after reaching the goal.
  • Getting Out of Bounds from the platform/piste does not teleport you back to the original position in Practice.
  • The player secretly moves forward/backward without pressing the controls.
  • Loading Screen in Practice | Loading Bar gets stuck due to an error.
  • Players are able to dash/retreat during the Intermission.
  • Players are able to move with A & D key buttons.
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