Regelement Dough

Welcome to Papendrecht. We have some rules you will have to adhere to. If you don’t, there will be consequences.

General rules

  • You don’t scold each other.
  • Spamming is not allowed in the chats. If you do, you will get a mute.
  • Tagging spam is not allowed.
  • If you aren’t, don’t act like a moderator.
  • You may not post NSFW (18+) content in the chats. If you do, there may be consequences.
  • You may not submit complete messages in CAPS.
  • In our community you don’t talk about hacks / exploits, sharing hacks / exploits is a permanent ban.
  • Advertising in this discord is not allowed.
  • You do not share private information about anyone else.
  • If a Moderator tells you to stop, stop.

Voice Channels

  • You don’t do Earrape. So don’t blow into your microphone.
  • Quick switching to other Voice Channels is not allowed.
  • All rules also apply in Voice Channels.


  • You only participate with 1 account.
  • You always have 1 hour of claim time.
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