Region3 Messes Up and Goes CRAZY When The Player's Position is Teleported!

Basically, when players go into different regions, different things will occur. For example, in one zone, a player may be safe from PVP. Or in another region, the player will have a shield. Everything works great and as planned, but as soon as the player teleports across the map, everything gets really wonky.

As soon as the player teleports in a Server Script, the regions seem to not matter anymore.

local randomNumber = math.random(1,3)
hit.Parent.HumanoidRootPart.Position = game.Workspace["Teleporter"..randomNumber].Position

The region3 checks are in a while true do loop checking every second, as your time in the game goes up by one second if you’re not in a region.

I am not sure how this is causing it to break and if you have any idea why that would be extremely helpful! Thank you!

You said “If you’re NOT in a region”. Maybe, since the script teleports them inside the region, the script doesn’t update and thinks that the plr is still outside. You can try manually updating the region of the player by setting it directly from your Server Script.

Use CFrame to teleport. Using .Position breaks the welds:


Ahh okay, I will try that.

Thank you it works now. Never knew the CFame would be necessary, but it makes sense now.