Reintroduce the creation of portfolios

Hello everyone, as you all know Roblox DevForum has been removed the creation of topics in the category #collaboration:portfolios, Actually, it wasn’t a good idea.

And you ask why?
Because without the identification of the person, you will not be able to post. And as we know, there are people who do not really want to give their passport data.

Secondly, I will say that it will be twice as difficult to find a job there.
Thirdly, I will say from my experience when I wanted to find a job there, very bad people. it counts in my opinion. Also, sometimes very strange people wrote that they needed an employee and then they themselves deleted the message.

The talent hub is not the best that they could think of, everyone has access to it, I agree, but not everyone will be able to post their work there.

And the last thing I want to say is to return back Create a portfolio and Collaboration.


Feel free to support any #feature-requests:talent-hub-features that you require.
Otherwise, you’re welcome to reply to many threads on this topic.


Incorrect. You can use the talent hub without needing to verify.

Also incorrect. Job listings are on the front page of the talent hub, complete with a detailed search filter. You can apply to several within a minute.

Are you saying the jobs are bad? Or the people listing the jobs are bad? Either way, this isn’t a talent hub issue. Bad people and bad jobs have happened and will still happen on the devforum if #collaboration was opened again.

Your talent hub profile IS your portfolio. You have full markdown + images just like the devforum, tags to show your skills for people to search easily, and the ability to sort your jobs/past creations into properly designed sections (something the devforum never had and could never do)

So, in short, the removal of #collaboration:portfolios was one of the best ideas Roblox has had in several years. Heck, one of the only ideas that actually benefit developers of all sorts.

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