[Release] Licenser plugin - license your scripts with ease!



Do you release scripts to the public? Have you had issues with warranty or liability or just want to make sure you won’t be blamed upon for any issues?
Fear not, this is the plugin for you!

Easily license your scripts with the most used public licenses (MIT, GNU GPL, Unilicense etc) and keep on programming without having to worry.


You can easily take the plugin from the website here:


  1. Select your Script:
  2. Open Licenser:
  3. Select the license for you:
  4. Press ‘Add LICENSE’ to insert it:
  5. Your LICENSE will have been added:

What about script moderation?
Will I be moderated for licensing my stuff?

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Why would that be the case? Scripts are only flagged for inappropriate content.

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They also say personally identifiable content.

These public licenses do not include personally identifiable content.


So if I use these licenses, will people wont be allowed to copy my script?

I am fairly certain that is not the case. Chances are, if you’re releasing a script to the public then you are allowing people to copy it.

I believe these licenses are a sort’ve way to ensure you don’t get blamed for anything people do with your script.


@MrSprinkleToes hit the nail on the head, the MIT license for example defends you from any blame of damage done.

GNU GPL 3 does disallow the distribution of closed-source versions of your software though, sometimes you may want to use that.

This website can help with choosing the license for you:


Thank you, I have never used licenses before. Your plugin will help me a lot.

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Woah first time heard about it. But will you steal my account information if I use this plugin?

Plugins have no access to account information, nor would I exploit that.

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How can I trust you? I don’t Know you.

He’s already stated that Plugins have no access to account information which means that if he wanted to exploit it he would not be able to.

@ReturnedTrue Thanks for this! I have plenty of open-source scripts.


game.plugin.playerinformation.steal = true

Just kidding thanks for removing my confusion :smiley:

No one has access to your password, it is securely hashed

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